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About Us

Our Story...

Tracey’s early recognition of her love of the clothing industry took her to London as a spirited, independent teenager.  She quickly found her first position in the heartland of the British high street in the buying department of a major retailer and gained a vast amount of experience in London before making the decision to move away and raise a family.   With a natural passion for casual wear both father and daughter, John and Tracey, soon realised they complimented each other professionally - their business and creative forces aligned and the first Mistral shop opened in Malmesbury in the mid 1990’s. 

The Mistral brand started life with five staff (including John and Tracey) and the team worked hard to open more stores, with 21 stores now open across the UK (and more planned) and a booming wholesale business across the UK and Europe the future is looking bright. 

Our team are inspired by the ever-changing landscapes around us as well as destinations further afield.  All our print designs start by hand in our head office by our talented in-house designers who can be found cutting lino and happily painting on a daily basis.

We have always been passionate about our bold prints and this will always remain core to our clothing.  Our customers are totally central to the heart of our designs and we love to listen and adapt to their needs and believe in creating garments which make them smile and feel like the individuals they are. 

Our culture is fun and caring, we care about our staff, and in turn they care for each other and our customers, this is also embraced in our social responsibility which we are constantly reviewing and striving to do the very best we can for our customers, our community and our environment.

Read more about our sustainability journey here.

Mistral Online Ltd. Registered in England. Mistral is a registered trade mark

VAT number: 292 764 172

Company Registration number: 09918699

Tel: 01249 819258