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Tracey's early recognition of her love of the clothing industry soon took her to London as a spirited independent teenager and she quickly found her first position, in the heartland of the British high street, in the buying department of a major retailer. Tracey spent many years in London and gained much experience.

In the early 90's Tracey was drawn back to the countryside to raise her new young family. Both father and daughter, John and Tracey had a natural passion for casual wear and soon realised they complimented each other professionally as their business and the creative forces aligned. Not only raising her new young family Tracey found time to be the creative influence behind the first Mistral shop which opened in Malmesbury in the mid 1990's. 

The Mistral brand made its home in Wiltshire and soon the business began to grow and grow, beginning life with five staff including John and Tracey the team worked hard to open store after store, by the 14th store, their work was still not done.

By listening to their customers needs, creating fun clothing, keeping their business and manufacturing processes to the highest possible standards, whilst developing an impressive in house print style the brand became firmly established.

Mistral now proudly have 20 shops and employ approximately 160 people with the head office still firmly planted like a strong oak in the heart of Wiltshire.


Mistral Online Ltd. Registered in England. Mistral is a registered trade mark

VAT number: 292 764 172

Company Registration number: 09918699

Tel: 01249 819258

Email: info@mistral-online.com