Are you ready for Royal Ascot Ladies Day?

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Did you know that approximately 400 helicopters and 1,000 limos descend on Royal Ascot every year – I’ll be waiting for one or the other to arrive at Mistral Head Office to pick me up on Thursday… I could be in for a long wait!

Ascot Racecourse has apparently been in operation since 1711 when Queen Anne rode out from Windsor Castle and declared the area of East Cote ‘ideal for horses to gallop at full stretch’.


Now I’m not really a horsey person (I would equate my riding to the equivalent of the late Les Dawson’s piano playing, or just think about how Miranda Hart would ride a horse – that would be me!).  The equestrian world can be quite an eye opener at times and I can see where Jilly Cooper got a lot of her inspiration from (I worked in the equestrian sector for 6 years of my career) –  I could write quite a few interesting novels myself, but being the absolute professional my lips will always be firmly sealed.

Ascot is a different beast though and a great excuse for the champagne corks to pop, a banquet of lobster (3,000 of which are eaten over the five days!) and to get dressed up. It’s also a great place for a bit of celeb spotting (although most of them will be hiding in one of the 222 private boxes).

Roal Ascot












Now to help you there is a strict dress code, ladies are forbidden to wear strapless dresses and you have to wear a hat (the crazier the better).  Check this one out…

We can’t help you with hats and high heels but we do have some lovely dresses and tunics.

So whether you’re planning on attending the event or simply watching the coverage on television, Royal Ascot is one of the standout weeks on the racing calendar – so sass your way over to Mistral online or in store and bag yourself a fab dress.

Here’s some inspiration… from left to right…our picnic printed dress, yellow pop cactus sun dress, dandi clock lace dress and our woodcut whirly tunic.










And don’t forget to share what you wear by tagging your online posts on facebook, Instagram or twitter with #wearingmistral.


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