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Halloween treats 24/10/2019

Be more Chic than Shriek this Halloween !

As we come to the end of October, as if by magic the temperature drops. Trailing closely behind comes the first autumn frost, the annual putting away of the summer wardrobe closely follows, it’s always started with the best intentions, folding everything neatly Marie Kondo Style but ultimately ending in a frenzied panic of jamming clothes into the wardrobe. The first pair of boots, perfect and versatile (they will definitely not give me blisters this year…) crispy fallen leaves, steaming hot bowls of soup, pumpkins take a breath and who... Read More

Cake 01/10/2019

Celebrating a love of coffee (and cake) on international coffee day

Hands up! Who doesn’t love the smell and taste of coffee? There are so many choices now – espresso, cappuccino, iced, flat white… Some days I wish I could be hooked up to an IV that provided me with a constant flow of coffee! Not sure my colleagues would appreciate a hyperactive coffee powered beast though. (We’ve included our top 5 favourite recipes throughout this blog which we hope you will enjoy making, and eating!) Don’t you just adore curling up on a cold, wet day with the rain beating... Read More

win ice cream 08/07/2019
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Ice, ice baby – Eating ice cream really does make you smile

              Is there any greater symbol of summer (now it’s arrived) than ice cream in a cone, sundae or tub? It’s such an easy, simple joy shared by children and adults and now comes in so many flavours there’s something for everyone. It hasn’t always been so available to the masses though as it was originally reserved as an elite dish for kings and queens and the super wealthy.  Thank goodness that’s not still the case! Did you also know that scientists found in... Read More