Celebrate your girlfriends with a special treat on national girlfriend’s day

MIstral Musings BlogIt’s national girlfriend’s day this week (1 August).

Girlfriends can often be our mums, sisters, classmates or co-workers. Girlfriends are there for us and enjoy spending time together, celebrating, laughing and supporting each other.

Having a varied network of girlfriends of different ages and experiences is brilliant, I have friends that range in age from their 20s up to their 70s and they all bring something wonderful to the table – one day I would love to bring them all together around one huge table to share a friendship feast!

Here are some of our staff with a girlfriend that they’d like to celebrate.

Emma (pictured below right, works in Head office) “Here’s a picture of one of my best friends, although I have a large circle of friends who I trust and love, Deb has seen me through some difficult times and we’ve laughed until we’ve cried together, she totally gets me and has the same sense of humour and values. She’s a complete gem”.









Hollie (pictured below  right) works in our Saffron Walden store “Aine is the best friend a girl could ever ask for – nothing is ever too much. Godmother to my child & Maid of honour at my wedding. I love her like a sister! Thank you”









Kate (pictured below right) from our Lymington store pictured with her daughter Bella. My daughter Bella has been my best friend from the day she was born. We know each other inside out. She has moved to London and although I miss her terribly, I am also so proud and excited to watch her life move forward. I still feel we are going through our journey together despite the distance.








Zara works in our Truro store (below left)– here I’m pictured with my sisters Lisa (middle) and Stacey (right). The two best friends anyone could ask for. “Sister…a person who’s been where you’ve been; someone you can call when things aren’t going right; is more than just family; a sister is a forever friend”








”Pictured below  is my daughter in-law Demi who is having the baby and friends and family came together to celebrate”. Beverley, Cheltenham store.








Amelia from Head office (below left) with her sister Lucy. “When we are together we are like the two ronnies, she makes me laugh and also makes a cracking stir fry”.







Friendship is definitely one of the most important and special connections in life. Whether we have one or many, girlfriends make life better, fuller and complete. It can be hard sometimes to nurture friendships when you’re busy raising a family and sometimes we don’t have the energy but something I’ve certainly learned is that real friends will always be there and can pick up if you go a length of time without seeing each other.

So make sure if you do nothing else this week, make the time to pick up the phone, send an email, text and let them know you appreciate them or even better meet up for lunch or coffee (and don’t forget to pop into Mistral to have a look around and try on some clothes together – it’s always great to get a second opinion and lots of fun).

We thought it would be a great idea to help you celebrate national girlfriend’s day with a little Mistral treat. So head over to our facebook page and find the girlfriends post and tag one of your girlfriends you think deserves a treat and let us know why she is so great.

We will choose a winner and give you and your friend a £25 e-wallet each to spend online – winners will be chosen at the end of August.

Good luck!

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