Ice, ice baby – Eating ice cream really does make you smile

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Is there any greater symbol of summer (now it’s arrived) than ice cream in a cone, sundae or tub?

It’s such an easy, simple joy shared by children and adults and now comes in so many flavours there’s something for everyone. It hasn’t always been so available to the masses though as it was originally reserved as an elite dish for kings and queens and the super wealthy.  Thank goodness that’s not still the case!

Did you also know that scientists found in a study (what a great study to be involved in) that a spoonful of the yummy stuff lights up the same pleasure centre in the brain as listening to your favourite music or winning money.*

Just be careful not to get brain freeze though – there’s nothing worse! Ouch.

What’s your favourite flavour?

Here in the office we did a quick survey – results in …














To celebrate national ice cream month we’ve joined forces with Marshfield to offer one lucky winner a years supply of their delicious ice cream **

For your chance to win, head over to our website.












And to finish in ice cream style I’m heading off at the end of the week on a gelato style odyssey adventure backpacking (with my 16 year old son) around Italy to sample the architecture, and of course experience as many gelato flavours as we can manage without increasing my dress size! Yes I hear you say Good luck with that!

Good luck with your competition entry.


*Guardian /Unilever research

**The winner will receive 2 litres per month, sent by frozen courier or the total prize of 24 litres can be collected from Marshfield Ice Cream. Prize is not transferable or redeemable in cash.

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