It’s wedding fever season – make it super trooper  

MIstral Musings BlogIt’s one of the busiest times of the year for ‘I do’ and a great excuse to treat yourself to a brand new outfit (don’t worry if you don’t have an invite yet, just pretend and treat yourself anyway – just announce to yourself (and whoever else is ear wigging) “Ahhh yes, it’s Bob and Belinda’s wedding, mouse engaged to the computer and time to buy…right ordered…oopsie they’ve just called it off”! This is my plan!

I have to say I love a good wedding but the invites have been a bit sparse this year, most of my friends are well and truly married off now.


Wedding photoIt is however my husband and my 9th wedding anniversary this August, I still remember what a great day it was, a relaxed late Sunday afternoon do where we were so lucky with the weather, it was the year it rained pretty much every day in August (seems like a bit of a theme this June too!)

Rain, rain go away come again in the Autumn please.

We chose to get married in a quirky Cotswolds venue to be central to family and guests and where everyone could stay overnight and relax. The bubbly, beer and Pimms flowed and flowery dresses frolicked on the dance floor.

Memories made for life.

So in addition to fake Bob and Belinda I’ve also decided to use the soon to be celebrity nuptials and a forthcoming anniversary to treat myself to a new outfit anyway! 😀  2019 is going to be a big year for celebrity weddings so I could be going silly with new purchases!

One to watch out for will be Lady Gaga – bets being taken now if she goes for an over- stated mental fashion faux paux or something elegant and understated.

Another recent engagement announcement is Jennifer Lawrence of Hunger Games, Xmen etc fame, I love her clumsy, down to earth, naturally funny personality but I think she will be a stunning, elegant bride.

Anyway I’ve gone into bride waffle so back on track to guest attire.

Whether it be a traditional church do, a relaxed informal event or a beach style affair we’ve got you covered.

Choosing the right outfit can often be a hard task, I normally like to opt for a pretty dress at a wedding but two pieces can be as elegant and nowadays anything goes and people often rock up in very casual attire.

So being a Mistral fan I thought I’d show you some of my favourites to help you choose.

So here goes…

Reed printFor a more formal trad event this Reed print faux wrap style dress is a great option for a wedding and it is also brilliant at covering a multitude of tummy sins after you’ve put away that 3-5 course wedding banquet. Team it up with a I’ve got thrills cardi and some killer heals and you’re set.

Super trooper trousers and day dreamer teeIf however you are heading to a Greek style mamma Mia kind of wedding …… (fast wedding geek fact –  The chapel featured perched 100 metres above the sea on a rock outcrop on the island of Skopelos is actually tiny – the internal scenes were filmed in Pinewood)….. back to the blog….  If you choose to go super casual why not opt for our very aptly named super trooper crop trousers and a day dreamer tee … and as an extra special treat these are both on offer ….and of course you will be needing some plimsolls to run up those steps in comfort and style.  We’ve got those too in lots of yummy colours.

If your friends are having an exotic island beach style wedding (I’m still waiting for my invite) why not dip into our mystical seabed collection and choose our mystical seabed sundress or alternatively turn up the heat in our really popular yellow pop cactus sundress with our pop cardigan in yellow,  combine both looks with some fab flip flops.  Yes we have those too.


Alternatively consider a two piece outfit – our really popular shoaly airy fairy skirt and a little frill vest which you can swirl around to your hearts content.











If you really can’t see yourself attending without donning a dress we have lots to choose from – how about our lovely River Print Airy Fairy Dress, our elegant tonal melon dress or our woodprint cut sundress














Whatever your style make it a Mistral marriage made in heaven. 

Emma Charlton, E-Commerce Sales and Marketing Manager

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