Dump the floppy chrysanthemums and put on some Chelsea flair

MIstral Musings BlogI don’t know about you but in the past you may have felt that the Chelsea flower show was a bit of a guilty pleasure, something you kept as a secret (I’ll let you into a secret, I’ve always loved it but then my father trained at Kew as a horticulturist so the love of plants is in my blood) … Anyway now it’s a definite diary date, if it’s good enough for The Duchess of Cambridge, Judi Dench (she rocks) and Joanna Lumley it’s certainly good enough for us.

Flowers Mistral

Delete those thoughts of a bus load of crazy 80’s riding around on their mobility scooters, running you down without a care in the world, with a one-track mind headed straight for the chrysanthemum tent – get out of the way or your foot WILL be broken. (are there actually even chrysanthemum tents at Chelsea?)

And breath…

The show actually features elaborate exhibits and gardens created by the world’s top landscape architects and designers – who doesn’t love a good architectural piece!?! For my sins, I’m married to an architect (but the building type), they are a weird breed – ah but I digress.

And what about the celebrity gardeners who have become nearly as trendy as our tv chefs – admit it, who hasn’t at some time had a secret, weird crush on a tv gardener – mine’s Monty Don (Ding-dong).

Perhaps I should have kept that fact inside my head!

Okay, so maybe you are thinking I’ve hit the bottle of bubbly a bit too early, but you get my drift.  In any case whether you do or don’t have a secret crush on our Monty, there’s always a bit of fun to be had celebrity spotting, lots of champagne and really inspiring (and sometimes scandalous) gardens to view with amazing structures – it’s simply a great day out.

So after all that waffle, if you are heading in the direction of Chelsea towards the end of this week why not pop into one of our fantastic shops first (you’ll notice it from the big bold window dressings featuring cactus and flamingos created by our lovely Amelia – pictured is our Cheltenham store) and grab yourself a beautiful flowery dress, tunic or skirt and really feel the part (a gold star winner for sure). 

Cheltenham Mistral store










And to help really make you feel like a winner, we’ve taken a generous £10 off a selected range (listed under Chelsea florals online) so you can put the cash you have saved towards a nice glass of bubbly.

Mistral £10 off offer















(Bonus information – we’ve also still got some gorgeous floral prints fit for the show in our sale range online).

If you’re not going to make it to Chelsea tomorrow or Saturday then why not get together with your girlfriends and host a Chelsea Soiree and head out in your flowery prints and celebrate (just because you can!).Blue Cactus Shirt Dress

We’ve got so many beautiful designs and prints – from our bolder textures stampede floral tunics to our more tranquil Cactus collection, inspired by the cactus garden in Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech you just can’t go wrong.

And if you are lucky enough to be heading to Chelsea over the next couple of days here are a few practical tips to help you on your way….

  • Take a snack and a drink with you, queues for food and drink can be long.
  • Comfy shoes are a must. Fling out the high heels and pop on some colourful plimsols or pumps (available in a multiple of colours from Mistral).
  • Don’t forget your sunscreen and lipbalm to keep your lips moist in the sunshine – have you tried our new gorgeous range of new lipbalms?
  • Take a notebook or a camera to record the things you love, great for ideas and inspiration.

And finally…

  • Wear your mistral clothes and share a picture with us on instagram using #wearingmistral


For the team at Mistral, Chelsea signals the start of a great season of events (and hopefully weather) so throw away the floppy chrysanthemum thoughts and get fresh and floral, dress Mistral, be confident, be bold and smile!



Emma Charlton
E-commerce Sales and Marketing Manager

Disclaimer- Mistral hereby revokes all responsibility for how Emma’s mind or thoughts work (especially in relation to Monty Don)!


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