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Are you ready for Royal Ascot Ladies Day?

  Did you know that approximately 400 helicopters and 1,000 limos descend on Royal Ascot every year – I’ll be waiting for one or the other to arrive at Mistral Head Office to pick me up on Thursday… I could be in for a long wait! Ascot Racecourse has apparently been in operation since 1711 when Queen Anne rode out from Windsor Castle and declared the area of East Cote ‘ideal for horses to gallop at full stretch’.   Now I’m not really a horsey person (I would equate my riding to... Read More


It’s wedding fever season – make it super trooper  

It’s one of the busiest times of the year for ‘I do’ and a great excuse to treat yourself to a brand new outfit (don’t worry if you don’t have an invite yet, just pretend and treat yourself anyway – just announce to yourself (and whoever else is ear wigging) “Ahhh yes, it’s Bob and Belinda’s wedding, mouse engaged to the computer and time to buy…right ordered…oopsie they’ve just called it off”! This is my plan! I have to say I love a good wedding but the invites have been... Read More

Travel light with Mistral 06/06/2019

7 day holiday travel light challenge – are you up for it? 

Travel light with style So how does travelling really light make you feel? – Does it bring you out in a cold sweat? Is panic setting in? Or would it be a complete breeze for you? I am the sort of packer who always takes far too much (Yes, it would be nice to take eight pairs of shoes, one for every day of the week and another “just in case” but there just wouldn’t be space) so this year I have resolved to change my ways (palpitations have set in already) and... Read More

Oktoberfest 29/05/2019

Festival Fun

The UK Festival scene is the boldest, brightest and most varied (and sometimes downright weird) it has ever been, with more choice and more events than ever before. With choices ranging from music, food, beer, environmental and comedy to name a few you will certainly be spoilt for choice.       I am a bit of a newbie (and late starter to festivals) but last year I finally ticked one off my bucket list by visiting the world-famous Munich Oktoberfest and it did not disappoint. I was treated to dancing on... Read More

Flowers Mistral 23/05/2019

Dump the floppy chrysanthemums and put on some Chelsea flair

I don’t know about you but in the past you may have felt that the Chelsea flower show was a bit of a guilty pleasure, something you kept as a secret (I’ll let you into a secret, I’ve always loved it but then my father trained at Kew as a horticulturist so the love of plants is in my blood) … Anyway now it’s a definite diary date, if it’s good enough for The Duchess of Cambridge, Judi Dench (she rocks) and Joanna Lumley it’s certainly good enough for us.... Read More