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Lockdown: Living well with Mistral

It’s tough times for us across the world right now and the current situation needs to become the new norm for the foreseeable future. At the moment it feels like we’ve been naughty teenagers that have been grounded and told to go to our rooms, I expect to wake up in the morning and this has all been a bad dream, sadly it’s not! But what’s wonderful in all of this is that you can really see people looking after each other (at a distance) and thank goodness for technology,... Read More


Our Guide to Working from Home

Now that some of us are working from home for the foreseeable, our Mistral team have come up with some top tips to keep you on track and focused! 1.Make the most of breakfast! Whether you have time to sit and eat that slice of toast instead of racing out the front door, or whether you go all out with avocado on toast and a fresh smoothie – start your day off right. 2.Get your workspace work ready. Although the dining room table may be the only place you can... Read More


The Mother’s Day Edit: What to Wear.

Whether you’re treating or being treated this Mother’s Day, we’ve got the outfits to see you through any Sunday plans! We’ve done the hard work for you, all you need to do is look and feel fabulous! What to wear: Tumbling Flowers Skirt, Contrast Neck Jumper, finish the look with some DMs. For the go-to brunch outfit, go with our super soft Tumbling Flowers Skirt with a relax fittedContrast Neck Jumper. They’re the perfect pair for a chilled out brunch with your loved ones. Why not try: Josie’s, Winchester Located... Read More


29 Things To Do With Your Leap Day!

. It’s a once in every four year treat, and we don’t want you to waste it! Here’s a couple (or 29!) ideas of what you can do with your extra day this year! 1.Leap Day Sales! Make the most of any Leap Day sales. We’ve got 20% OFF ALL NEW SEASON from 6pm-midnight on Leap Day with the code: LEAPDAY20 2. Start the day off with a new book. What about ‘Leap Year’ by Hellen Russell? It’s all about making big decisions and changing your life for the better.... Read More


Malmesbury Insider Guide

Set your SatNav for Malmesbury and drop in and say hello! What better way to visit the town than with our own insider guide from the people that are in the know! Our store staff have put together their favourite places to visit, the best venues to eat and chill out as well as some interesting activities and events to fill your weekend or a cheeky week away. Don’t forget when you’re there to pop in and see our latest new arrivals! View the full guide below via issuu or... Read More