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Aren’t pets the greatest?

If, like me, you arrive home to be greeted by a happy, waggy tailed enthusiastic pooch or cuddly cat (or other animal), you know that pets can really help lower your stress levels after a hard day at work. Even better if you are lucky enough like us to have office dogs (we have Fizz and Toffee) that stress can be kept at bay all day long! Studies have shown that cuddling a pet releases oxytocin providing a calming and soothing effect that leads to the development of a strong... Read More


So you want to be a Print Designer?

Meet Hannah, our lovely Print Designer who has worked for Mistral for 6 years.                         What is your background, how did you get into your print designing? I have always loved drawing and painting, especially flowers and dresses, I studied Textile Design at University, specialising in embroidery for fashion. I did a three month work placement in New York as an embellishment designer and realised it wasn’t for me, so I started looking for broader design jobs before being... Read More

win ice cream 08/07/2019
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Ice, ice baby – Eating ice cream really does make you smile

              Is there any greater symbol of summer (now it’s arrived) than ice cream in a cone, sundae or tub? It’s such an easy, simple joy shared by children and adults and now comes in so many flavours there’s something for everyone. It hasn’t always been so available to the masses though as it was originally reserved as an elite dish for kings and queens and the super wealthy.  Thank goodness that’s not still the case! Did you also know that scientists found in... Read More


Game, Set and Mistral Match

            Wimbledon is synonymous with strawberries and cream (166,055 portions eaten) but this isn’t all that is consumed during the event, other food include: … loosen your belts …                                                         During the tournament, 54,250 tennis balls are used. The balls are replaced after every seven to nine games to make sure they’re in perfect shape throughout the match.... Read More


A Game of Mistral musings and a little bit of Summer sale madness

Note – No Spoilers for those that haven’t seen all of the seasons yet…. So it’s been just over a month since Game of Thrones ended and some of us at Head Office have started to get withdrawal symptoms. …I know there’s potentially four camps regarding GOT (or maybe more)? 1) Those who have watched it since the beginning, week in week out. 2) Those who have never watched it and never intend to. 3) Those who like me waited until Christmas last year and binge watched it until the... Read More