Spruce up Cocktail Hour!

You’ve made it! Another week of lockdown complete and we think you deserve to celebrate! Perfect for home-made cocktail hour, indoor date night or virtual pub nights, we thought we’d share our favourite ways to shake up your beverage.

Don’t worry if there’s no fizz in the house, or if fizz isn’t your thing – just use your favourite lemonade or soda instead!


  • lime ½, sliced into wedges
  • caster sugar 2 tsp
  • cachaca (or lemonade to keep it alcohol-free) 50ml

Use the end of a rolling pin to muddle together the lime wedges and sugar in an old fashioned glass or tumbler. Fill the glass with ice, pour over the cachaça and stir well until combined and the ice has diluted a little before serving.


  • gin (or soda) 50ml
  • St Germain elderflower liqueur (or cordial) 25ml
  • apple juice 75ml, not from concentrate
  • lime juice 10ml
  • cucumber ribbons to serve

Shake all the ingredients except the cucumber with ice and strain into a tall glass with filled with fresh ice. Decorate with cucumber ribbons to serve.


  • lemonade1 litre
  • vodka (or more lemonade) 180ml
  • lime juice 10ml
  • cranberry juice 80ml

Combine all of the ingredients in a large pitcher filled with ice, adding the soda last. Serve immediately.

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