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APRIL 11, 2021
Written by Amelia Brown

Keep It Green

It's Sustainability Week!
Have a read of what we're doing to help the world around us.

Mistral's signature colourful prints are heavily influenced by the land around us, and looking after our environment is a central element to all our business choices. We believe in paying attention to detail - it's not just about the big gestures, the little things all add up!

Cotton On

We use organic cotton in our jersey shirts and tees, and we're expanding the use of organic materials across our whole range!





We work in partnership with our suppliers and factories to ensure all Mistral products are manufactured to the highest standards in a sustainable and ethical way. Likewise, with any other brands that we work with or stock in-store or online.


 Waste Not...

We have also started to use our left-over fabrics from our garments to make other products such as our face masks. Our ultimate goal is to remove all excess waste from our manufacturing processes.

In The Bag

We've really been focusing on driving our plastic usage down. When you shop online with us, your new clothes will arrive in our newly designed, biodegradable bags.


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