FEB 28, 2020

29 Things To Do With Your Leap Day!

It’s a once in every four year treat, and we don’t want you to waste it! Here’s a couple (or 29!) ideas of what you can do with your extra day this year!

Origami Frogs

1. Leap Day Sales! Make the most of any Leap Day sales. We’ve got 20% OFF ALL NEW SEASON from 6pm-midnight on Leap Day with the code: LEAPDAY20

2. Start the day off with a new book. What about ‘Leap Year’ by Hellen Russell? It’s all about making big decisions and changing your life for the better.

3. Pamper session. Enjoy a nice long bath and that Lush bath bomb you’ve been saving since Christmas!

4. Catch up on a test that’s been bringing you down this month. Whether it’s your finances or writing that email you’ve been putting off. Get it done!

5. Weather permitting, get outdoors! Our Warehouse Manager, Iain, is spending his weekend on a wet and windy Dartmoor training teens for the Ten Tors event.

6. Get ahead of your Spring Clean. Nothing starts a new month off better than a good declutter.

7. Stargaze. We’re already talking about orbit and it’s effect on the calendar. So why not turn your gaze upwards to the wonders of the universe.

8. Throw a pot! Our Marketing Manager, Emma, is spending her day on a clay bus throwing a pot.

9. DIY an origami frog! We need instructions too… here.

10. Look up some interesting Leap Day facts. For example, did you know that tradition says, if a man refuses a woman’s proposal on February 29th, he must buy her 12 pairs of gloves?!

11. Take a little trip. Our Print Designer, Hannah, is off to Cornwall for a long weekend. Lots of windy beach walks and fresh air.

12. Celebrate Feast Day of Oswald of Worcester! We had to look him up too… here.

13. Write yourself a letter. Write down everything you hope to happen in the next four years and set a delivery date for 29th February 2024!

14. Bake! Take the day to do a little baking like our Graphic Designer, Amelia.

15. Shop Shop Shop! Get yourself a Leap Year dress. We know some lovely ones… here.

16. Cook for the family. Our e-Commerce Assistant, Immy, is cooking a Chicken Katsu Curry from scratch for her family. It will take her all day, but it will be worth it!

17. Reward yourself with a cocktail! Whether it’s one of our cocktail mixes (shop here) or this recipe from John Griffin which he developed in honour of February 29th… recipe here.

18. A Leap themed playlist. have a listen to your favourite ‘leap’ themed tunes. Think ‘Leap of Faith’ or ‘Jump!’.

19. Treat yourself to something Mistral. Go on, it’s a once in four year treat day!

20. Monthly Subscriptions. Make the most of your monthly subscriptions. That’s 24 extra hours of binge watching Netflix!

Netflix Image


21. Leap Year. If you’re wanting a feet-up kind of day, join our Wholesale Co-Ordinator, Laura, in watching one of her all time favourite films, Leap Year.

22. Reconnect. Send a text or catch up with someone that you ‘never have the time’ to see.

23. I don’t have time! For whatever it is on your to-do list that you just ‘don’t have time to do’, do it!

24. Family day out. Spend the day learning about this amazing world! Whether it’s getting back to nature or a trip to a local museum, use the day to learn.

25. Try something new! Whether it’s a new food, a new beauty product or something you’ve been dying to try, make today the day you do it!

26. Take up a new hobby. Learn a language? Join a gym? It’s never too late in the year to start.

27. Technology Blackout. After reading our blog of course!

28. Decorate. Get prepped for Spring, and vibrant up your home with some bright colours.

29. Have fun! Whatever it is you end up doing, make sure you enjoy your day.

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