New Year, Better You!

Here we are again, waving goodbye to Christmas for another year. It’s safe to say there may have been some slight over-indulgence in the cheese, chocolate and wine department (again…) but we are not feeling an ounce of guilt as it was absolutely deserved!

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Self Care Challenge - Enjoy and Thrive in Life

Did you know that this week is self-care week? How many of us in our busy lives actually stop and think about looking after ourselves? Do you make ‘me time’ a priority?

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Being Kind Makes the World Go Around

So Wednesday 13th November is world kindness day, a perfect opportunity to go above and beyond your normal loveliness to do something extra kind, without expecting anything in return.

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Mistral Launches Rewear, Reuse, Recycle Scheme Across All 21 Stores

Helping towards a more sustainable future for fashion.

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The Perfect Autumn Reads

There’s nothing better when the days are getting cooler, to snuggle up on the sofa in your betty jeans and slouchy jumper with a hot chocolate, some snacks and a really good read and just become totally immersed.

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A Day in the Life of Mistral's Design Intern

Poppy graduated from Falmouth University in 2018 with a degree in Textile Design. She joined us in our Design Team for two days a week for 10 weeks, allowing her to maintain a part-time job.

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Supporting Newlife to Help Disabled and Terminally Ill Children

Children and young people with disabilities face lifelong challenges. It can happen to dozens of children and their families every day for many reasons like cancers, birth defects, accidents, diseases and infections.

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Stratford-Upon-Avon Insider Guide

Set your SatNav for Stratford-Upon-Avon and drop in and say hello! What better way to visit the town than with our own insider guide from the people that are in the know!

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Our 2019 Christmas Gift Guide

Believe it or not, it’s coming up to that time of the year again! We have put together the perfect Christmas gift list.

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Witney Insider Guide

We recently opened the doors to our brand new shop on Witney High Street. You can’t miss us, our beautiful blue fronted shop jumps out between the rows of Cotswold stone.

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Truro Insider Guide

Set your SatNav for Winchester and drop in and say hello! What better way to visit the city than with our own insider guide from the people that are in the know!

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Celebrating a Love of Coffee (And Cake) on International Coffee Day

Hands up! Who doesn’t love the smell and taste of coffee? There are so many choices now – espresso, cappuccino, iced, flat white… Some days I wish I could be hooked up to an IV that provided me with a constant flow of coffee!

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So You Want to Be A Print Designer?

Meet Hannah, our lovely Print Designer who has worked for Mistral for 6 years.

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