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Helping towards a more sustainable future for fashion

Mistral is a growing, family owned business with a big heart, with 21 stores in the UK and a thriving wholesale business across the UK and Europe.  We really care about our planet, people and animals and we are continually reviewing our own and our supply partners’ working practices and systems to ensure we do our bit for a more sustainable world. All our decisions are driven by a desire to make sustainability central to our business.

Our environment

Our environment

Looking after our environment is a key consideration in all our business choices.  From small changes such as the use of eco-friendly cleaning and toiletry products in Head office and stores, to focusing on reducing our plastic usage by introducing biodegradable bags for online deliveries and using only paper bags within our stores. All our printed materials, including labelling and packaging are produced on recycled paper from a sustainable source.

We recycle all our cardboard packaging, plastic and paper waste and we have recently changed our electricity supplier across the business to a green renewable energy source.

We ensure that we choose the most sustainable delivery options and avoid air freight wherever possible to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible and will be working towards offsetting this.


We are huge animal lovers at Mistral and believe in using and selling only cruelty-free products - we do not use or sell products which have been tested on animals.

We are signed up to ensuring that any animal products are ethically sourced. We do not accept any animal products which have been bred for the purpose of manufacture only and will never use fur in our garments.  We source locally British made soy and vegan candles.


Our global manufacturing practices

We work in partnership with our suppliers and factories to ensure all Mistral products are manufactured to the highest standards in a sustainable and ethical way. Through regular visits to our suppliers we are assured that our products are manufactured in line with all our business standards.  Our current suppliers are based in the United Kingdom, India, China and Portugal. We ensure that we work with Sedex approved partners and are committed to producing the best quality products in an ethical way.  We have also opened our own factory in Delhi together with our largest supplier which allows us to monitor all aspects of the manufacturing process from start to finish.

We require that all factories we work with operate in compliance with their country’s laws and regulations and that all employees are employed on the basis of their abilities and not their beliefs or characteristics.

We are very aware that human trafficking and modern slavery are thought to be amongst the most widespread crimes in the world, affecting millions of men, women and children each day.  We do not allow factories to use forced labour in any form (including underage workers) and are totally against any form of modern slavery in any of our platforms.  Factories must treat workers with respect and dignity and provide them with a safe environment from which to work and pay workers at least the basic minimum legal wage.

Fabric choices

We are working really hard to use sustainable and eco-friendly options in our fabrics and are making big strides in this area but there are always improvements that can be made.  We are really excited to be introducing recycled yarns into our collection from Spring 2020.  This is sourced from secondhand clothing or textile waste which is then spun into new yarns and fabrics.

Organic cotton is currently used in our jersey shirts, and tees and we are expanding the use of organic materials within our range, as well as introducing other sustainable fabrics, such as recycled yarn.

We work with suppliers who are GOT certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) and use Oco-tex cotton. Oco-tex textiles and fabrics are certified free of harmful chemicals and are safe for human use. Oco-tex certification focuses on how the fabric is processed, including things like dyes and finishes. We also make use of Modal in some of our garments – this is a product made from wood pulp, sourced from sustainable forestry and processed in a closed loop system which reuses or captures chemicals to prevent water pollution.

We have started to use our left-over fabrics from our garments to make other products such as tote bags and will be looking at other options to use up any excess fabric in the future so that there is not any excess waste from our manufacturing processes. 

Any samples and faulty clothes which are not sold in our warehouse sales are sent to New Life Charity for resale or recycle.



Mistral Rewear, Recycle, Reuse Scheme – launching 24th October in store

Helping towards a more sustainable future for fashion.

Are you aware that almost 150 million tonnes of clothing and shoes are sold worldwide every year. The majority of this ends up in landfills or is incinerated instead of being reused or recycled, wasting valuable resources and causing harm to the environment.

As part of Mistral’s commitment to look after our planet, we have introduced the Mistral Rewear, Reuse and Recycle Scheme.

We make our clothes to the highest standard so that they will be well loved and well-worn season after season, however sometimes we know that you may want a freshen up your wardrobe.

Simply hand in your pre-loved garments to our store staff to add to our collection bin and we will reward you with a 10% off voucher to use the next time you shop with us.


But what happens to your pre-loved clothes?

Mistral is working with SOEX I:CO take-back system who will collect the clothes, sort into items that can be resold across 70 countries and in vintage stores.  Other items unsuitable for resale will be recycled into fibre for things such as car seats, new clothes and cleaning cloths.  Dust is even used by being transformed into cardboard products.

Find out more here 


Rewear recycle reuse

Charitable partnership and support


Newlife is the UK’s largest charity providing essential and specialist equipment to disabled and terminally ill children.  There are more disabled children in the UK than ever before.  Improvements in medical advances mean children born with conditions or who acquire disabilities as a result of illness or accidents are surviving, albeit with very complex needs.  This translates directly to them needing a greater level of support and, in many cases, multiple pieces of specialist equipment.  Demand for equipment is reaching critical levels, which is why partnerships like the one between Mistral and Newlife is so important.

In the last 12 months, and thanks to partnerships like the one Newlife has with Mistral, Newlife has been able to change the lives of more than 2,150 disadvantaged disabled and terminally ill children; spending £1.2 million on life changing specialist equipment.

“Not only do Newlife help us to achieve our corporate social responsibilities and commitments to the environment with excess products, faulty and sample garments being sent to the charity for resale or recycle (saving them from being sent to landfill or incinerated) we also get a huge sense of pride to be supporting such a worthwhile charity. Being able to give something back which directly contributes to funding life changing support to some of the UK’s most vulnerable children is fantastic”. Tracey Garreffa, Mistral Creative Director

Julia's House

Also close to our hearts is Julia’s House which is an award winning Children's Hospice in Dorset and Wiltshire dedicated to bringing comfort and care to families across the two counties.

When a family finds out that their child has a very serious medical condition, which is life-limiting or life-threatening, their world falls apart and Julia’s House exists to help these children and their families.

Julia’s House provides practical and emotional support, tailoring their care to the needs of each individual child and their family, providing frequent and regular support in their own homes, in the community or at our hospices.

Mistral hold collection tins in many of its shops and each year our staff at Head Office and in-store get involved in various fundraising events to raise money for the charity.  In 2019 this includes one of our staff undertaking a sponsored walk of the Great Wall of China.