Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Our values

As a business, we work very closely with all our suppliers and factories, and have done for so many years. We work as a partnership, together aiming for mutual success, this maintains our quality to ensure all Mistral products are manufactured to the highest standards. We make regular visits to our suppliers so that we are always confident that our products are manufactured in line with all our business standards.

Our global manufacturing practices

This sets out the basic required code of conduct of all the factories across the world who manufacture for Mistral and our partners.

- We require that all factories operate in compliance with the laws of their countries.

- All employees are employed on the basis of their abilities and not their beliefs or characteristics.

- We do not allow factories to use forced labour in any form, and we do not accept slavery in any of our platforms.

- Factories must not employ workers below the relevant countries legal working age.

- Factories must pay workers at least the basic minimum  legal wage.

- Factories must treat workers with respect and dignity and provide them with safe environment from which to work.

- Any animal products must be ethically sourced. We do not accept any animal products which have been bred for the purpose of manufacture only.

Our environment

Looking after our environment is a key consideration for the business and we do all we can to make sure that 'we do our bit'. As a small business, we have a very hands on approach.

- We have recently changed our electricity supplier across the business to a green renewable energy source.

- We have opened our own factory in Delhi together with our biggest supplier which allows us to monitor all aspects of the manufacturing process from start to finish. We recycle all water, all effluent is cleaned before it goes back into the water supply and all rubbish that leaves the factory is recycled. 

- We are reviewing all our labelling and packaging to come from a re-cycled source.

- We recycle all boxes and crates that are used for deliveries into head office. 

- We are now aiming to use organic fabrics as much as we can, and are investigating the use of sustainable and recycled fabrics. The process involved is quite complex, but we are looking into the possibilities.

- Any excess products of any type that we may have to be disposed of are sent to our partners at Newlife, a charity for disabled children.  Read about our relationship in our blog post here.