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DEC 13, 2016

A Sneaky Peek At Our SS17 Photoshoot

We’ve just finished our SS17 photoshoot at a secret London location – we do love a good old photoshoot at Mistral HQ!

SS17 Photoshoot Studio

SS17 Photoshoot set-up

Early start, bacon butties, makeup artist & stylist exploding their kit all over the place and very calm models in the middle of all our creative chaos!

We source props from far & wide each shoot, flying in curiosities from all over the world. Sometimes we also find little gems closer to home, indeed in the attic & garden shed!

Make-up artist

SS17 Photoshoot lighting

Our location for this shoot was full of the most amazing furniture & lighting. We couldn’t resist taking a snap of this masterpiece.

Our creative team work closely together both pre & post shoot. A rare shot of them the other side of the camera, Tracey Garreffa (Owner & Creative Director) has worked with our photographer for many years on many fabulous fashion shoots.

Tracey and Paul

Tracey eating cake

Sometimes we also get to eat the props. That’s the best part of the shoot, who doesn’t love cake!

After a long day on set we love the way our stylist pops a makeup brush in her hair, exquisite and picture perfect!

Hair in a bun

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