Care Guide

Treat your knitwear gently and follow our care guide below and your knits will be looking lovely for seasons!

We pride ourselves on create quality garments that will stand the test of time! But here are a few tips to make sure your favourite pieces keep up appearances.




Pilling is a very natural stage that all knitwear goes through. This doesn't mean that your jumper is in any way poor quality. These bobbles are just a sign that your jumper has been worn and loved.

In order to keep these pesky bobbles at bay, we would recommend that you use a defuzzer comb before and after washing. Use the comb by gently combing it over the pilled section in the same direction as the fabric.

Follow this step regularly, and you should see a noticeable drop in bobbling in the future!



At Mistral, not only do we love to use natural fibres, but we also love to use speciality wools such as alpaca.

However, these knits do have a tendency to shed. But don't worry! This is completely natural for these types of fibres.

To prevent shedding, simply use a lint roller over the knitwear to remove excess fibres.


Always follow the care label - these labels are gospel! But here are a few general point that will keep your clothing looking fresh:

  • Gentle machine wash at 30˚c with similar colours
  • Low or gentle spin
  • Turn inside out before washing
  • Reshape whilst damp and dry flat
  • Warm iron on reverse
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not tumble dry


For some of our speciality knitwear, it's important that they are only washed using a hand washing technique.

Always make sure you hand wash in cool water with delicate laundry liquid - never bleach as this will break down the fibres in your clothing.

Try not to soak your garments, especially knitwear, as this may cause items to shrink. Always mask sure that you remove your garments from the basin as soon as you have finished washing.

Do not rub, wring or stretch fabric while hand washing as this may distort your garment.

Gentle squeeze out any excess water and dry completely.