About Us

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A Family Affair

As a spirited, independent teenager, our founder Tracey followed her love of the fashion industry to London. She earned her stripes in the heartland of the great British highstreet, gaining experience on the buying team of a major retailer, before leaving the capital to start a family.

In the mid-90s, still passionate about casual wear, Tracey joined forces with her father John, forming a formidable father-daughter team that combined their business skill and creative flair. As a result, the first Mistral shop opened in Malmesbury.

Our Talented Team

The Mistral brand has come a long way since we started out with just five staff (including John and Tracey)! Over time, and as a result of our team’s hard work and passion, Mistral has grown. Today you’ll find our stores on high streets across the UK, and a booming wholesale business run across the UK and Europe.

We’re going from strength to strength online too – pulling out all the stops to ensure that our lovely customers can get their Mistral fashion fix wherever or whenever they please.

John retired in March 2020, but has left the business in excellent hands. The future is looking as bright as Mistral's signature prints!

When it comes to our distinctive style, we have our talented in-house creatives to thank. Inspired by the ever-changing landscapes around us, as well as destinations further afield, all of our beautiful print designs start life in our head office. Each one is crafted by our fabulous designers, who can be found cutting lino and happily painting on a daily basis.

Our Company Statement

We are a community of like-minded, empowered, creative and lively individuals who are brought together by fashion. Our uniquely crafted, quirky DNA and colourful in-house designs inspires confidence, pride and fun by making fashion a feeling to all.

Bright and Beautiful

At Mistral, our designs are guided by you, our lovely customers. You are totally central to the heart of the clothing we produce, and we will always listen to your loves, wishes, wants and feedback. We have always been passionate about the bright, bold prints that you tell us you love so much, and we’re committed to creating garments which bring a smile to your faces, and help you feel like the glorious individuals that you are.

Our culture reflects our fun, family ethos. We care deeply about our staff, and in turn they care for each other and our customers. We try to reflect this commitment to a supportive, kind environment in our social responsibility. We are constantly reviewing and striving to do the very best we can for our customers, our community and the wider environment.

Mistral Online Ltd. Registered in England. Mistral is a registered trade mark

VAT number: 292 764 172

Company Registration number: 09918699