OCT 24, 2019

Mistral Launches Rewear, Reuse, Recycle Scheme

Helping towards a more sustainable future for fashion.

Recycling Offer

Each year almost 150 million tonnes of clothing and shoes are sold worldwide. The majority of this ends up in landfill or is incinerated instead of being reworn, reused or recycled, wasting valuable resources and causing harm to the environment.

As part of Mistral’s commitment to look after our planet Mistral has launched a Rewear, Reuse and Recycle Scheme.

We make our clothes to the highest standard so that they will be well loved and well-worn season after season, however sometimes we know that customers do want to freshen up their wardrobe.

The new scheme will enable customers to simply hand in their pre-loved garments to store staff who will add into our collection bin – customers will be rewarded with a 10% off voucher to use the next time they shop with us.

Tracey Garreffa, Mistral Creative Director commented “Mistral is working with SOEX I:CO take-back system who will collect the clothes, sort into items that can be resold across 70 countries and in vintage stores. Other items unsuitable for resale will be recycled into fibre for things such as car seats, new clothes and cleaning cloths. Dust is even used by being transformed into cardboard products”.

We are also working on other sustainability initiatives in terms of introducing more organic and recycled yarns in to our clothing lines, as well as continuing to support various charitable organisations – this information can be found on our website here.

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