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AUG 06, 2019

Supporting newlife to help disabled and terminally ill children.

Children and young people with disabilities face lifelong challenges. It can happen to dozens of children and their families every day for many reasons like cancers, birth defects, accidents, diseases and infections.


There are now over one million disabled and terminally ill children in the UK. Thousands of them rely on Newlife’s unique services to get the equipment they need, items that will enable them to live their best life. This equipment is often refused by the statutory services and the delays in provision mean that the child will suffer unnecessarily.

Having the right piece of specialist disability equipment at the right time can:

  • Reduce pain and suffering
  • Prevent conditions from getting worse
  • Remove the risk of injury or death
  • Improve treatment success
  • Improve quality of life
  • Keep families together

Newlife runs four unique services; one of them is the UK’s only emergency equipment service helping those children in urgent need.

Newlife’s recycling services directly fund the charity aims; A lot of surplus stock from retailers and manufacturers is created as products fail to reach a customer audience. Energy has gone into the items production, so finding ways to get this product re-used, whilst honouring the planet’s energy resources that went into its creation is really important, whether it is in its current form or used for other purposes.

“Not only do Newlife help us to achieve our corporate social responsibilities and commitments to the environment with excess products being sent to the charity for resale or recycle (saving them from being sent to landfill or incinerated) we also get a huge sense of pride to be supporting such a worthwhile charity. Being able to give something back which directly contributes to funding life changing support to some of the UK’s most vulnerable children is fantastic”. Tracey Garreffa, Mistral Creative Director

How it works with Mistral?

Mistral customer faulty stock returns or excess unbought stock are sent to Newlife and all brand labels (inside and out) are removed (to prevent fraudulent customer returns to our stores) and sold at one of Newlife’s fashion stores in the West Midlands, Staffordshire, Shropshire and Merseyside.

Working together to change children’s lives

Newlife is the UK’s largest charity providing essential and specialist equipment to disabled and terminally ill children. There are more disabled children in the UK than ever before. Improvements in medical advances mean children born with conditions or who acquire disabilities as a result of illness or accidents are surviving, albeit with very complex needs. This translates directly to them needing a greater level of support and, in many cases, multiple pieces of specialist equipment. Demand for equipment is reaching critical levels, which is why partnerships like the one between Mistral and Newlife is so important.

By working together with Newlife and other retailers and manufacturers we can really help towards changing the lives of thousands of disabled and terminally ill children each year.

In the last 12 months, and thanks to partnerships like the one Newlife has with Mistral, Newlife has been able to change the lives of more than 2,150 disadvantaged disabled and terminally ill children; spending £1.2 million on life changing specialist equipment. Thank you!

Newlife exists because if it was your child, you would want the best for them.

Newlife makes it really simple to get involved, you can find out more at: http://newlifecharity.co.uk/getinvolved

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