NOV 18, 2019

Self Care Challenge - Enjoy & Thrive in Life

Did you know that this week is self-care week? How many of us in our busy lives actually stop and think about looking after ourselves? Do you make ‘me time’ a priority?


Let’s be honest ‘me time’ is usually the last thing on the list and is often overlooked and gets dropped off the list pretty quickly.

There are lots of self-care activities that we can do which can be simply integrated into our daily routine to boost well-being and in turn improve mood and reduce anxiety. By looking after yourself you will have more energy and less stress to take on the world!

In the run up to Christmas when things can become a long to do list of this and that (yes you are still not on that list are you!) we’d like to challenge you to pick one of these activities each day which will hopefully bring down the blood pressure and set you up to start thinking more about yourself now and into the New Year.

Pick up a book and read for a minimum of ½ hour (turn off the tv, turn off the mobile phone and just immerse yourself – stick a do not disturb sign on whichever room you read in). Reading at bedtime instead of staring at a screen should also help you get to sleep quicker. Check out our book recommendations on our previous blog post here.

Take a walk outside for at least half an hour – take in your surroundings, what can you hear? what can you see? – observe, enjoy and feel at peace. Wrap up warm in our perfect season bobble hats, scarves, jumpers and coats.

Ring and speak to a close friend or a member of your family – don’t text – chat, laugh and reconnect. Even better meet up for a drink or even afternoon tea.

Write down ten things you are grateful for in your life. We have some fun new notebooks in store now which will also make you smile.

Take a soak in the bath, hang up the phone, lock the door, light some candles (we have some gorgeous new scented candles which have just landed in store and online), play some music and close your eyes – REEELLLLLLAAAAAXXXXX.

Meditate – there are some great apps or videos you can watch – try budify or search online and take 15 minutes to clear your mind. If you can add this into your daily life even better.

Treat yourself to something nice!

We know it can be incredibly hard to find that extra time but this precious time spent alone can help you to ponder the best ways to move forward in your life and keep you grounded. Moments with friends can help you feel more connected and relaxed.

Look for small ways (whatever suits you) to incorporate more self-care time into your schedule and see for yourself how it helps you to grow, enjoy your life, and thrive.

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